oneHEALTH is an open source, interoperable and secure framework for health data storage, encryption and interoperability.

Our solution is built to provide developers of mHealth apps and wearables an easy-to-implement framework which is compliant to regulations (GDPR) and offers data privacy, security and encryption by design.

At the same time, oneHEALTH offers users the opportunity to regain ownership and control of their own health data, which is too often kept in data silos which collect, process and store health data in an isolated, proprietary manner which is inaccessible to the user.

Our aim is therefore user empowerment through an exclusive user-proprietary record of personal data which ensures confidentiality, trust and privacy by design.


Distributed, interoperable

oneHEALTH provides the toolbox for mHealth apps to deliver privacy, data security and interoperability



oneHEALTH developments are based on homomorphic encryption. We use Zenroom as the framework providing fast, secure and reliable cryptographic service.

This way, the user can always decide when and with whom to share their data.


Based on blockchain distributed technologies

oneHEALTH is based on a triple interconnected blockchain architecture which allows for privacy, GDPR compliance and auditing of data Access. Data is stored securely in a block and all additions or modifications to the existing data is logged, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality and trust.


oneHEALTH provides an open source, accessible framework for health apps and wearables of the future – as an open-source solution, it is also a community of developers and experts, improving health solutions into disruptive products.

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Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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